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TVD S04E12-S04E14

I am done! THANK GOD because I couldn't take much more of the fuckery on this show.

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TVD S04E09-S04E11

I was really hoping Jose Molina's influence would have some sort of effect on the show, but I see now that was all wishful thinking on my part. While Julie Plec is the showrunner, this show will not climb out from the pit of suck it has fallen into.

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TVD S04E05-S04E08

I'm not sure what to think of S4 but I'm not loving it, that's for sure.

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TVD S04E01-S04E04

Random thoughts I jotted down as watched these four episodes:

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Huh. I thought this was LJ. It certainly looks like LJ. If it is indeed LJ, why is it acting like Tumblr? *looks at url* Nope. It's LJ, all right. *tsk tsk* That's too bad.


About to watch the first episode of Vikings. I know it's the History channel and not HBO, or Showtime, or Starz, but please, OH PLEASE, let there be some great, if not graphic, scenes of violence and carnage. It's just been that sort of week at work and I need the catharsis of pretend violence to help mitigate my own desire to blow up head office, kill co-workers, and tell customers to go fuck themselves.


Mr Selfridge

I've just finished watching S01E07 and I can't believe my ship is actually happening! I mean, I'd hoped, but didn't think they were going to go there.


That is all.

The Vampire Diaries Re-Watch of 2013

It's finally over. THANK GOD. I have reacquainted myself with the show and the characters. I'm a bit scared now, frankly, because I'm venturing into unwatched territory from here on in. Even knowing about a few things that happen won't be enough to help me deal with TVD's particular brand of fuckery when watched for the very first time. Throughout the re-watch, I knew what was coming and could brace myself (and knew when I should start drinking more booze. HA HA *SOB*). Not anymore. I AM NOT PREPARED.

Part of me just wants to skip to the last couple of episodes of S4 that feature Tyler because I think those will end up being the pertinent ones and will have the only canon I need to use as a stepping off point for the story. I'm sorely tempted, actually. I honestly don't care about what happens in S4. I only care about Tyler and that he has been shipped off yet again and this needs to be addressed and redressed.

I'm going to take a break for a bit. Have dinner, some wine. Maybe watch the latest episode of Archer, and think about whether I really want to see all of what has aired of S4. I mean, do I really need more misogyny, more Originals, more ToD, more of Elena's "compassion", more continuity gaffes concerning Caroline's hair and the show's existing canon, more history errors... Yeah, I think I really need to reflect on whether or not I should watch S4. Maybe I can find transcripts of the episodes online? I don't really want to read recaps because they are usually written with a bias and/or commentary which I really don't want or need.
Dear TVD,

Please spend more time on the rehearsals and get a better choreographer if you're going to continue to do episodes like Miss Mystic Falls and Dangerous Liaisons in which formal ballroom type dancing is featured. The choreography is bad and everyone is stiff and awkward as they dance. If you can't afford to spend the time and money required to make your actors look like they haven't just learned the dance steps earlier that morning then STOP, because everyone involved ends up looking ridiculous.


In my mind, Plec envisions these episode to be like something out of a Jane Austen adaptation. And they're not. Oh, no, nonononono they are so NOT. Not in calibre of writing, acting, and dancing.

S3 really is as bad as I remembered. Getting through the second half of S3 is killing me. It's all Originals and no Tyler and I am dying of boredom. Suffering through all the ToD crap and Morgan's tragically bad acting is giving me cramps which is just piling on the agony for me. Hoping the Advil will kick in soon.

ETA: So now TVD wants to sell me on there being wild horses in America a thousand years ago? The Europeans (the conquistadors, to be exact) brought the horse over circa the c16th, you dumbasses. And if the Originals were there hundreds of years before the Europeans THEN HOW? How could Elijah state wild horses used to graze in a field near the present day town square when Elena comments how she can't imagine what Mystic Falls was like a thousand years ago. OK, maybe they brought horses with them when they escaped the plague, but then they just set a bunch of their horses free so they could go wild??? OMGWTFJFC I just can't with this show.
In S02E19, Elijah states: "Our father was a wealthy landowner in a village in Eastern Europe."

As I was re-watching this episode I thought to myself, since when is Scandinavia part of Eastern Europe? I had recalled the Originals back story (as boring and uninteresting as it was) from S3 when we learned all about them through the Viking runes crap in the caves below the old Lockwood property. The last time I checked, Vikings were from NORTHERN EUROPE NOT EASTERN EUROPE.

I finally get to S3, and then, conveniently vague, Elena says in S03E08: "Elijah said that your father was a landowner in Europe."


These two episodes have one thing in common: Julie Plec was co-writer on both these episodes.


Julie, you know that book in which is collected the biographies of the characters and the history of the show so you can refer to it and and maintain continuity, and not contradict your goddamned canon??? (Hint: most shows call it their "bible".) HAVE YOU LOST YOURS, JULIE PLEC??????!!!!! Or are you just making it up as you go along and/or discarding anything that has come before that doesn't jive with your LATEST plans for the character?

I just can't fathom how the showrunner, who was involved in writing BOTH episodes, can't keep her OWN show's facts straight. Or maybe she just doesn't care, which strikes me as eminently plausible--Occam's Razor and all that. Frankly, I'm appalled. I would be HORRIFIED had I done something like this, and I say this as JUST a fic writer with a tiny readership, not someone whose work is exposed to millions.

As a side note: Jeeeebus, Joseph Morgan's acting in the S03E08 flashback scenes is so bad, I'm actually experiencing second hand embarrassment. Like, it's so bad, his acting is making it seem as though his (real) English accent is fake. That's a rare "talent". I've only ever seen that happen before with Starz's series, Camelot, which had such bad acting and bad writing, a coworker of mine thought it was a bunch of American actors attempting English accents and failing. I explained the actors all hailed from the U.K. (Eva Green being an exception) and he was genuinely shocked. LOL.


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