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Technology hates me

I just wanted to print off my story notes, leave the house, find a coffee shop away from the interwebs and the stupid noises and distractions at home, and start working on the story again. I've neglected it for too long and I'm afraid if I do so for much longer, it'll end up abandoned.

But noooooooooooooooooooo.

First the printer just makes printing noises without actually pulling in any paper from the tray. For some reason it doesn't realise there is paper there and keeps telling me to put paper in the tray. I added paper. I removed paper. I dusted the damn tray and printer and replaced the paper with fresh paper from the package. It still kept telling me to put paper in the tray. Turning it off then back on seemed to help. For now.

Then the printer was out of black ink so it wouldn't print anymore. *sigh* Luckily I had bought a new cartridge a little while ago. This is a relatively new printer and I haven't had to change the cartridge until now, so I was a bit lost. The manual I found online took forever to download and froze my screen. I can't tell you how much fun it was to sit here for endless minutes staring balefully at my laptop.

Now that the paper and ink appear to be sorted, I'm scared to try printing the document because it'll be the third attempt and you know what they say. I'm guessing this is where my laptop finally decides to die (it's just over five years old and has been acting a wee bit oddly over the last few months). Oh, well. Here goes nothing.

ETA: Good lord. I forgot how this printer shoots out the printed pages like they're paper missiles. D:


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